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A markup language widely used for structuring the content of World Wide Web. HTML5 add many new syntactical features. We are an expert in PSD to XHTML and HTML5 conversion. We have constantly upgraded our skills during the course of period.

So, Whats Different in HTML5:

  • HTML5 supports new doctype which is simple and easy to remember or implement.

  • HTML5 recognizes structure considering that web pages have structure just like books. It supports tags that support elements of a page. These include <section>, <header>, <footer>, <figure> to name few.

  • Supports new inline elements. Take into consideration the <time> tag. This is used to indicate content that is time or a date.

  • One of the major advantage of HTML5 is that it supports new Dynamic pages. It supports creation of context menus within web pages and applications. It has also brought back the old <menu> tag which is used to create menu system on web pages.

  • Though HTML5 support form input types on earlier version. It has added a few more like url, datetime etc

  • HTML5 has introduced some exciting list of tags like <canvas>, <video>, <audio> to make your website livelier.


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