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With the help of HTML5 Boilerplate you can build fast and robust web applications and websites. These set of codes can be reused in many ways with no alterations or minor alterations if necessary. This is because it is built using best coding practices. One of the main advantages of using these is that they provide great experience and knowledge on the best practices to be used. Not only this, they also save vast amounts of time.

What more, most of these projects are open source and freely available.


HTML5 Boilerplate: HTML5 Boilerplate uses best practices and techniques. HTML5 does not rendered on old browsers like ie6. However, these load your websites on old browsers like ie6 while also being HTML5. It actually provides Internet Explorer specific classes for cross-browser control. It is not a framework. It is actually a template which we customize and use in our own projects.

HTML Email Boilerplate: This is a very interesting one. It solves most of the rendering issues we face on on most commonly used e-mail clients like gmail, yahoo, outlook etc. We can customize the template as per requirement.


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